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Title: Dark and Stormy
Warnings: Cliches abound
Characters: Etta Bishop, Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Simon Foster, Charles "Chuck" Hansen, Mako Mori, Nina Sharp, Stacker Pentecost, Nick Lane. 
Rating: T
Word Count: 5,423 words

Summary: Etta Bishop grows up in the Alaskan Shatterdome, the kaiju war the backdrop of her family's life. [Fringe/Pacific Rim Crossover]

Etta’s two years old when Trespasser lands and makes a wasteland of the west coast. She remembers nothing of it other than the sudden silence that descended on the living room, the way her mom’s arms grew tight around her, but she grows up with it as a part of the repertoire of things grown ups cease to speak of in her presence. 

When she’s four, almost five, the United Nations announce the formation of an international military branch to fight the monsters on their shores, and the Jaeger Program is born. When she looks back from the jump cuts between giant dinosaurs on television, from the men in blue and the machinery, she sees the look in her mom’s eyes, distant and strained, her posture rigid against her dad’s side.

It’s a Sunday, and there’s Chinese for dinner and no work, but the phone in the kitchen stops ringing only when one of her parents picks it up, and only for a few minutes at that. 

There are raised voiced across the hall, that night, when she’s supposed to be sleeping, angry in a way Etta’s only heard other children at the playground talk about. Until the ringing of the phone cuts through the anger, and the silence returns, punctuated by the echo of footsteps falling on the staircase and the slap of the door closing shut. 

Her mom slips into her room, and she pretends to sleep, pretends not to notice when she crawls under the sheets of the twin bed with her. But her mother holds her close, and when she shakes Etta can’t find it in herself to keep pretending. She turns around and, surprised, presses small fingers to the shiny tracks the tears have left on the way down her mom’s face. 

Etta's mother doesn't cry. 

“Mamma? Why are you crying?”

“I’m sad, Etta Bear. I’m just sad.”

“Because you fought with Daddy?”


“Was it because of me?”

“No, honey. It’s just grown up stuff that you don’t have to worry about. Go back to sleep.”

For the longest time, Etta doesn’t understand why her mother lied. 

Dark and Stormy )
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Title: The Threshold of the Year to Come
Recipient: [personal profile] kerithwyn
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No AO3 warnings apply.
Summary: A celebration.
Notes: Fringe Trek porn. ^_^ Apologies for any rough edges.

The Threshold of the Year to Come... )
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Modeled after Yuletide Madness, Fringe Exchange Madness will run for one week, beginning now until the reveal one week from today.

If you have fics or ficlets or drabbles, stories which were too short to post for a main gift, finish and post them.

If there's a fic that just needed something but you ran out of time, two days ago or two years ago, now is your chance.

If you've been meaning to write that tentacle porn/spanking/Nina-Walter-William Bell threesome prompt from the [community profile] fringe_kinkmeme, don't keep procrastinating. Just go for it. (This is what anon posts are all about!)

If you have icons that you wish you'd posted but didn't and now everyone's moved to Tumblr; if there's a drawing, or a podfic, or just anything extra that would brighten the day of someone in this fandom, what are you waiting for? Make it happen. POST IT. Gift it to one of the participants, or to the fandom as a whole, your choice.

To keep it simple, all Madness gifts should be posted as a comment to this post, either with your sock puppet or as an anonymous comment to the post.

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